Sunshine…on my shoulders…makes me happy!

Finally, we have warmer weather here in NC! A sunny day can really change your outlook. So, what do you do when it’s nice outside? Do you read, walk the dog, play with the kids or workout? These nice spring days are followed by what? You guessed it…summer and pool days.

Are you ready for summer? And, I’m not just talking about fitting into a swim suit. Are you ready to endure long days outside in the heat? What is your endurance like? These are the things that I think about because I am a parent of three active children. Though I hope to feel comfortable in my swim suit, I am more focused on making it through summer activities and the heat without becoming weary.

One way to increase your endurance is with interval training. Interval training “involves a series of low-to-high intensity exercise workouts interspersed with rest or relief periods…Interval training can be described as short periods of work followed by rest. The main aim is to improve speed and cardiovascular fitness.” {1}

If you do not have a gym to go to, or you prefer working out at home or outside, I have included a great 2 minute video displaying 20 different types of push ups that can be done at home or at the gym. I’ll admit that there are SEVERAL push up techniques in this video that I cannot do well…yet. However, with every push up, I am building strength in my entire body. Push ups are amazing, quick muscle building exercises. Be sure to use proper form and start slow. It is better to do push ups slowly and correctly than to try to do them quickly. You will get better the more you try them. Enjoy this short push up video from Burn Boot Camp, featuring my good friends Devan Kline and Emily Biggs:

**Stay tuned for my upcoming posts. They will focus on healthy, portable, delicious recipes, as well as other important health related information.

Now get outside, and Get Busy Living!

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