Reducing High Pesticide Residues on Fruits and Vegetables

High Pesticide Residues Found on Fruits and Vegetables

“There are ways for parents to give their children fruits and vegetables without exposing them to unhealthy pesticide residues.
Washing and peeling peaches, pears and apples can reduce the amount of pesticides that usually show up on these fruits, because pesticides tend to concentrate just on or under the skin. Unfortunately, washing and peeling won’t get rid of residues on squash and potatoes.
In those cases, the pesticides permeate the entire vegetable and you can’t wash them off. Also you can’t peel spinach or green beans. In these cases, it may be best to consider buying organically grown foods.”

Dr. Mercola’s Comment:
“This study provides a thorough analysis of the state of pesticides on the vegetables in our food supply. This should be a strong encouragement to either purchase organic vegetables or grow your own.

If your personal circumstances prevent you from doing either of these, there are several products on the market that will help remove the pesticides from the OUTSIDE of the vegetables and fruits. Nothing removes them from the inside of foods like winter squash.
ShakLee makes a product called Basic H, which seems to work quite nicely for this purpose and is relatively cost-effective.
Creating health really isn’t rocket science. It’s just “returning to basics,” and although it may not be easy, it’s rather simple.”

Shaklee Basic H (Non-Toxic, Natural):

To read the entire article, go to this link:


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