Fe Fi Fo Fum…Have you ever faced a Giant?

Everyone at some point in their lives must face “Giants”.  Giants can be in the form of financial stress, loss of loved one, a tragedy, or even internal fear and doubt that suffocate us and keep us from fulfilling our purposes in life.  At our lowest moments, these “giants” can make it feel impossible to put one foot in front of the other.

Have you ever felt this way?  I have.  I struggled with internal fear and doubt.  I didn’t think that what I did or thought was that important.  Like Brock in The Death Crawl video above, I had to push through this fear.  I had to put all doubt aside and believe in and listen to the ache that was deep inside my heart.  Living my life to serve others in a positive way, everyday, is my life’s purpose.  I WILL help others live a healthier life.  I know I will because I know that is my purpose here.  I will do this through Shaklee, my church, my community, and my family.  I am happy to have found my purpose.  Have you found yours?

Don’t be afraid of doing “the death crawl” when things are tough.  Know that at some point, every one of us on Earth will have to crawl through something.  Some of us more than others.  But, we all do.  When you see someone else doing “the death crawl”, support them.  Love them.  Be there for them during the crawl, AND after they conquer those Giants in their lives.

Take care and Be Well.  And Get Busy Living a life of purpose!!!



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