REMINDER: 28 Day Challenge with Brooke Thomas,

Brooke Thomas' 28 Day Challenge pic2

Starts September 9th– Monday!!!!  Sign up today if you haven’t already!

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the idea of Living a Healthier Life?  I may have the answer for you.

Join Brooke Thomas, Certified Nutritional Consultant and founder of, in her 28 Day Challenge to a Healthier Life!  Brooke spent the last few years, along with her amazing 360YourLife team, clients, friends and family, researching, testing and living with adjustments to four key areas that impact our health.  What did she discover?  Since adopting a few easy changes, she and others have seen a complete shift in their health!  She is excited to help you/us do the same.  She created this one month challenge so we could transform our health in the simplest way possible – one day at a time!  When you sign up, she will give you all of the tools and details to start.  The best part?  IT’S FREE 🙂

I joined the challenge simply by going to and clicking on the “28 Day Challenge” tab.  I can’t wait to begin learning these simple ways to incorporate healthy changes into my everyday life.  Here are the details:

Go to  Click on the 28 Day Challenge Tab.  Sign up to receive simple, daily steps for Healthier Living!  The 28 Day Challenge launches Sept. 9th, so sign up now!

Here is a daily sneak peek at what we will be learning about:

Week 1:  Nutrition

  • Day 1:  Gluten Challenge
  • Day 2:  Protein Challenge
  • Day 3:  Fat Challenge
  • Day 4:  Processed Sugar Challenge
  • Day 5:  Artificial Colors Challenge (this will be really great)
  • Day 6:  Dairy Challenge
  • Day 7:  Vitamins Challenge

Week 2:  Beauty

  • Day 1:  Cosmetics Challenge
  • Day 2:  Deodorant Challenge
  • Day 3:  Toothpaste Challenge
  • Day 4:  Lotion Challenge
  • Day 5:  Sunscreen Challenge
  • Day 6:  Facial Cleaner Challenge
  • Day 7:  Nail Polish Challenge

Week 3:  Home

  • Day 1:  All Purpose Cleaner Challenge
  • Day 2:  Dishwasher Detergent Challenge
  • Day 3:  Water Challenge
  • Day 4:  Air Freshener Challenge
  • Day 5:  Hand Soap Challenge
  • Day 6:  Bleach Challenge
  • Day 7:  Indoor Toxins Challenge (another really great challenge)

Week 4:  Stress (We ALL need to learn more about stress)

  • Day 1:  Find Your Purpose Challenge
  • Day 2:  Restore Your Mind Challenge
  • Day 3:  Detox Your Stress Challenge
  • Day 4:  Get Moving Challenge
  • Day 5:  Journal Challenge
  • Day 6:  Gratitude Challenge
  • Day 7:  Pay It Forward Challenge

Join me and thousands of others in this easy, life-changing 28 day challenge.  Contact me with any questions before the launch, during the challenge, or after the challenge.

Take care!  And Get Busy Living!



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