Swap Out Saturday! Idea #1

Good Saturday Morning to you!

I love having early Saturday mornings to relax into my weekend with my family.  No school lunches to pack.  No morning rush to school (though Saturday soccer starts next week!!!!).

While having my morning cup of coffee outside, I like reflecting on how I can make things easier for myself and my family.  My family is the most important thing in my life.  I want to do my very best to keep them healthy and happy.  So, over the past year, I have been gradually swapping out food items and cleaning items in my home that have unhealthy chemicals, preservatives, and artificial or toxic ingredients.

I want to share some of these “swap outs” with you every Saturday morning so that you too can have other safe options for your family.  Today’s Swap Out idea is switching out Soft Soap hand soap for All-Natural, Non-Toxic Shaklee Hand Wash.  The clean credentials of Shaklee Hand Wash are:  Non-toxic, Natural botanicals, Biodegradable surfactants, and pH balanced, not tested on animals, plant-based.  We use very little of the Shaklee Hand Wash because a little goes a long way.  And, we LOVE the clean, sweet smell of it.  My hands feel so soft afterwards without any soap residue.  Sort of like going to the spa whenever I wash my hands!

For more information on Shaklee Hand Wash, go to:  http://evarumble.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=00191.

You can also find the Shaklee hand wash dispensing pumps here:  http://evarumble.myshaklee.com/us/en/products.php?sku=50408.

Change from Soft Soap to Shaklee Hand Soap

With Shaklee – Changing Brands Can Change Your Life.  It has definitely changed our lives for the better 🙂

Take care, be well, and Get Busy Living a Healthy Life!



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