Jacqui McCoy visits NC!

Jacqui McCoy visit BBC Huntersville  9-2013What a great evening we had last night listening to Jacqui McCoy from ABC’s Extreme Weight Loss Season 2!

Jacqui is in the pretty blue dress in these photos.  She opened her heart to our guests to tell them about her long, and at times very difficult, health journey.  She is such a lovely person who is so forthcoming about the trails of not just losing weight, but finding her inner strength and purpose.  She looks amazing by the way.  Her skin just glows, and her hair is so healthy and full now.  To see where she started and then to see her now is just an awesome experience.

Jacqui is very real.  Everyone in the room related to her in some way.  Many people waited after the event to talk to Jacqui, and she was so gracious with her time.  In the bottom photos, Jacqui McCoy is next to Devan Kline (my friend and owner of Burn Boot Camps across NC) and Brandi Parker who has lost 174 lbs since she began working with Devan Kline at Burn Boot Camp and incorporating Shaklee 180 into her diet just like Jacqui did.  Both Jacqui and Brandi are incredible women who pushed forward when things got hard.  Along the way, they had strong support from their trainers and from their consultants at Shaklee.

One of the things Jacqui said that stood out to me the most was that after her experience on the weight loss show, she wasn’t left with a plan to be healthy.  Yes, she had lost over 200 pounds on the show, regardless of how she had to lose it.  But, she didn’t have the time to be in the gym 5-7 hours/day or to spend all day prepping, measuring and cooking her food.  She needed to go back to work.  Life had to go back to normal. She began regaining weight once the show was over, which is very typical of contestants on these weight loss shows.  Her mother had been using Shaklee 180 to manage her own weight, so Jacqui (reluctantly) decided to give Shaklee a try.  She just “knew it wasn’t going to work” for her. However, she said things happened differently this time when she lost weight.  She finally feels healthy, and her body is changing and shaping so differently this time in a good way.  Jacqui now has a health plan with Shaklee.  I am so happy for her 🙂

This just reaffirms why my feet are planted in Shaklee.

Take care, Be Well, and Get Busy Living a Healthy Life!



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