Happy YOU Year!


new-years-resolution-appleWho is ready to start 2014 fresh and full of energy, hope and courage? I am!!!  Do you have health goals for 2014?  Most all of us do this time of year.  I personally have set a new goal of losing 10 inches within the next 2.5 – 3 months (April 9th is the deadline).  If losing inches and increasing your energy is one of your goals this year, JOIN ME on this challenge!  My reset plan is discussed at the end of this blog 🙂

Even though I feel better than I have felt in years, I want to trim up and tone my body where I feel the most comfortable in my clothes.  Over the holidays, I was guilty of indulging in more gluten and dairy products than I am used to eating. Not only did that wreck my digestive system, it also decreased my energy and interrupted my sleep patterns.  I became moody and very tired.  With my inch loss, I want to 1.) increase my energy, 2.) feel better during my workouts, 3.) feel better in my clothes, and 4.) improve my cognitive function. I may even sign up for some road races or another triathlon. Who knows?

No matter how much we may want to lose weight, get back into shape or develop healthier habits, it can be intimidating and overwhelming to even begin the process.  Let’s take weight/inch loss for example. Many of us begin evaluating our weight and fitness goals on or after Jan. 1st.  We have great intentions of hitting the gym 5 days per week, eating lots of salad, drinking water all day…but then, we somehow get off track and those initial goals turn sideways.  We are left feeling discouraged, frustrated and lost.

But, think of weight loss this way. Losing weight is not about the number on the scale.  I know we’ve all heard that before.  But, it truly is about the journey to change your health and your life on the inside and the outside and becoming stronger emotionally and physically.  When you focus on the journey and the daily baby steps that you commit to, and don’t focus on the end result (proposed weight goal), then weight loss just happens.

I know.  I know.  Who has the patience for taking baby steps every day, right?  As a society, we want the results NOW and we want it to be EASY.  We tend to only focus on the end result…”if I could just lose 20 pounds by this date…” or “I want to get to (blank) pounds again like I was in high school”… Being successful with losing weight, or anything for that matter, takes patience and planning.  If you commit to daily baby steps toward our goals, then it is very likely you will never have to go through this same process over and over every year.  Wouldn’t that be awesome?!?  Commit to building health in your body versus calorie counting, stepping on the scale every day, and constantly thinking about what foods to eat.

copy-cropped-shaklee-180-my-journey-begins.jpgSo, how am I planning to lose 10 inches?  I will go back to what I know works.  I have already started using the Shaklee 180 program (like I had been using up until the holidays).  I can already tell a big difference in my energy and in how I feel.  My workouts have been strong, and I feel a difference in my abdominal area and legs.  Shaklee 180 is not only simple to use, but it also gives me so many high quality nutrients and vitamins that my body needs to stay healthy and strong.  I am so glad to be back on track!  I missed feeling this way!

**Additionally, Shaklee is so much more than just a nutritious, effective way to lose inches.  Shaklee also has Healthy Nutrition, Healthy Beauty, and Healthy Home products.  My family uses many of these products, and we save a lot of money every year.  Shaklee has been around for over 56 years, and they are the #1 Natural Nutrition Company in the U.S.!  To review their proven results on people, visit:  clinicals.shaklee.com.

Join me on my challenge, or contact me to discuss your health goals.  It would be my pleasure to help you. Contact me directly at evarumble@carolina.rr.com or by visiting my website and clicking on Contact Me in the upper right hand corner of my page.  I will not only help you create a plan to meet your health goals this year, but I will also give you tons of support and assistance whenever you need it.  PLUS, Shaklee is running an incredible offer until Jan. 31st!  Check it out here or by clicking on the “Free Shipping for a Year” picture at the top of my Getbzliving page!!!  You’ll definitely want to take advantage of this offer.

Setting health goals along with others makes you more accountable.  So, grab your friends and loved ones and decide TODAY that you are going to change your health and have a fabulous 2014! I can’t wait to hear from you!  Until then, here is a little motivation for you in the video below 🙂  You CAN do this!


“Honest hearts produce honest actions.” – Brigham Young

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”  Lao Tzu


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